Thanksgiving Every Day - The Power of Gratitude Practice for Attracting More Joy and Abundance.

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Eckhart Tolle

Gratitude practice has been proven to be a majestic antidote that disintegrates negativity while strongly and consistently associated with happiness, physical and emotional well-being, and stronger relationships. So why wait until Thanksgiving day to express your gratitude? Take action TODAY to make a daily effort to recognize your blessings and remind yourself that showing appreciation for all you already have only attracted further benefits into your life.

Here are four critical reasons for welcoming an attitude of gratitude into your life:

1. You'll be happier and more optimistic. A positive mindset allows you to be more tuned into the simpler pleasures and small miracles in life that you would have missed otherwise... When you learn to love, recognize, and be thankful for the little things, you will perceive your life to be more good than bad and start to feel more optimistic even about your future.

2. You'll find it easier to experience positive emotions, including joy. Gratitude practice increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, which are key neurotransmitters that give us feelings of contentment and facilitate positive emotional experiences, including excitement, joy, and motivation.

3. You'll open doors to more joy, wealth, and abundance in your life. An ongoing focus on gratitude keeps you feeling happy and open-minded. As a result, you'll be more likely to recognize and take advantage of new opportunities and welcome each day as another chance to bring more joy to your reality, lifestyle, and future. Every time you're grateful for what you already have, you will be attracting more good things to be thankful for!

  • It's perfectly normal to be grateful for what you have, yet often desire to reach for more and work towards improving your life...

4. You'll have more meaningful relationships. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that a gratitude practice can significantly diminish self-centeredness while fostering a mindful awareness of belonging to a greater whole and a sense of connectedness to others; when we feel grateful toward others, it motivates us to spend more time with others the essential people in our lives. When we express our gratitude to others, it is more likely to increase their positive feelings and motivate them to connect with us in return. So the benefits go both ways: when we have strong relationships, we tend to be more trusting and appreciative, motivating us to invest more in strengthening existing relationships and nurturing new ones.

Regardless of outside circumstances and any hardships we face, there is always good to be found.

Take a few minutes from your day to focus and reflect on everything you already have and all the ways you are cared for in your daily life. Give attention to what is working and create mantras that remind you how abundant you are in the present moment, and make every day a personal day of thanksgiving!

Netsanet Tegegn, LCSW, Is a Psychotherapist in Virginia Beach who provides individualized counseling services for those who wish to create long-lasting and positive changes in their lives...

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“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.” — Fred Rogers

October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month, a time when clinicians and their communities come together to spread awareness and combat mental illness. By working together, we can all promote the importance of mental health screenings while reducing the stigma associated with mental health illnesses.

Common Symptoms of Depression The following are some of the most common symptoms of depression. If you or someone you love has been experiencing one or more of these nearly every day for at least two weeks, it’s a sign you or they may be suffering from depression:

  • Persistent sadness or anxiety

  • Feeling hopeless

  • Irritability

  • Loss of interest in hobbies

  • Decreased energy or fatigue

  • Becoming more and more isolated

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Loss of appetite

  • Thoughts of death or suicide

What Clinicians are Doing

It’s common for people battling depression to feel worse during the holidays. That’s one reason why the month of October was chosen as the awareness month; because it gives people plenty of lead time to get help before the festivities hit. During this time, many clinicians, hospitals, and mental health facilities will either reduce or completely waive the fees for mental health screenings. This makes it far easier for those individuals who believe they may be suffering from depression to receive an affordable and accurate diagnosis. What Can You Do?

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, it’s important to get screened. After your screening, a qualified practitioner will discuss a treatment plan with you that may include talk therapy, medication, or a combination of the two. If you are someone who has recovered from depression, it’s a wonderful idea to share your journey with others if you feel comfortable doing so. Often when people are struggling with their own darkness, knowing someone has walked through to the other side and is living once again in the light can offer hope and encouragement. If you or someone you love is interested in speaking with a trained therapist, please reach out to us today. We would be happy to discuss how we might help.







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“Self-care is essential to combating burnout.”― Asa Don Brown

Not many people get through life without experiencing burnout at some point. Whether it’s from working more than one job, taking care of a sick loved one, or juggling family life while going back to school, burnout is real, and it negatively impacts your life and health.

Common Signs of Burnout

If you think you may be experiencing burnout but are unsure, here are some of the most common signs:

  • Physical and mental exhaustion

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • A need to isolate

  • Fantasies of escaping

  • Irritability

  • Frequent illnesses such as colds and flues

5 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Exercise: You know exercise is necessary for your physical health, but it is also fantastic for your mental and emotional health as well. Physical activity helps our bodies secrete feel-good hormones, which give our mood a boost. So be sure to commit to exercising at least 3-4 times a week.

Get Enough Rest: It’s essential to get enough restorative sleep each night. Sleep not only helps our bodies build and repair new tissue, but it helps us be able to feel calm and focused. If you have trouble getting enough ZZZZZs each night, skip caffeinated beverages past 2 pm, ban smartphones and other electronics from the bedroom, and establish a relaxing nighttime ritual like meditation, reading, or taking a bath.

Validate Your Feelings: “Keep calm and carry on.” That’s fun saying for a throw pillow, but it’s not always the best advice. Sometimes it’s important to admit that you are struggling and that you need a break.

Remember to Play: Just because you’re an adult, that doesn’t mean you don’t need some downtime to just have fun. Whether you want to play a sport, enjoy a hobby, or go to the theater, be sure to make time each week to enjoy yourself and your life.

Ask for Help: During stressful times, it’s important to reach out to others for help. Sometimes all we need is a friendly ear to listen to what’s on our minds and hearts. Let your friends and family know you could use a little support.

If your stress levels don’t seem to go down, you may want to consider working with a counselor who can help you navigate your feelings and offer coping strategies to deal with the issues you have going on. If you’d like to speak with someone, please reach out to us and we will be glad to help.





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