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Williamsburg, Virginia Services

Our licensed therapists in Williamsburg, Virginia specialize in providing evidence-based counseling and online therapy for individuals and families, offering a compassionate space for healing. If you’re looking for support and qualified therapy, reach out to Restorative Psychotherapy & Wellness today to start your journey.

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EMDR Counseling in Williamsburg

Experience the transformative power of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy at Restorative Psychotherapy & Wellness. This interactive psychotherapy approach uses a technique called bilateral stimulation to activate opposite sides of the brain. Whether you're grappling with past trauma, anxiety, or PTSD, our skilled therapists are trained in this evidence-based approach to help you process distressing memories and reclaim control over your life.

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Trauma Counseling

Williamsburg has a rich history deeply intertwined with military heritage, making it home to many retired service members and their families. Our specialized trauma counseling services are tailored to meet the unique needs of military veterans, providing a safe and supportive environment to address combat-related trauma, operational stress, and military sexual trauma.

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Anxiety Counseling in Williamsburg

In a bustling city like Williamsburg, anxiety can be a prevalent concern for many individuals. Whether you're struggling with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, or social anxiety, our compassionate therapists offer personalized counseling to help you manage symptoms and regain balance in your life.

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Couples Therapy and Art Therapy

Our couples therapy and marriage counseling services provide a safe and nurturing space for partners to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and rekindle their love. Additionally, our art therapy sessions offer a creative outlet for individuals struggling with mental health issues, allowing them to explore emotions and promote self-discovery through artistic expression. 

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Williamsburg, Virginia Services

In the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia, Restorative Psychotherapy & Wellness stands as a steadfast ally in your journey toward mental wellness. Our commitment to providing compassionate support and expert therapy services knows no bounds. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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